Kien at The Canteen

Kien Lim is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, born in Brighton, United Kingdom, and now residing in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. His words are gritty, his guitar grungy, and his music a cross of Led Zeppelin, Gillian Welch, and Neil Young.

He gigs solo, or in a power duo format featuring electric guitar, drums, and voice.


“Folk rock” does not begin to describe the bombastic experience of watching Kien Lim rock the house with his soulful and gritty words and sounds. Singing only his own original songs, his performance has an edge that is both personal and experiential.” – Shannon Frances – Say It Like You Mean It Feb 2015

“Kien Lim peeps! We’re speechless, just AWESOME!”  –  8TV The Shout! Awards #shoutcafesessions

“His style really has a raw feel and a hard edge to it, which I love. It’s such a welcome break from the saccharine-sweet…”  –  rakyat / Derek (@twt_malaysia)

“There are those who talk. And there are those who walk the talk and know the walk well. Kien Lim is one such musician, with immense experience, a voice that rings like a bell and a conviction that’s absolutely genuine, his brand of music will move you and rock you at the same time.”  – Indie PG

“Lim played folk, blues and rock numbers with punk attitude”  – Patrick Low

“His life lessons, experiences are shared via his lyrics and music that emits from his guitar. While his voice adds an opaque, soulful feel to the songs he composes and sings….”  – Su Aziz